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Born to be in the cosmetic industry. I am a cosmetic chemist, a marketer and a beauty enthusiast.

Skin Care Tips From A Multi-faceted Cosmetic Chemist

Dermatologists know SKIN. Cosmetic Chemsits Know PRODUCTS. Makeup-Artists know TECHNIQUES.      I am a skin ingredient expert, a cosmetic chemist and a trained makeup-artist.

Here are the common skin issues and my beauty hacks:

Sun Spots– Have you noticed the older people usually have spots around the cheek bone? That area the thinnest area when sun hits and  most prone to have UV damage. Yes, you can use SPF products and foundations contain SPF but wouldn’t it be nice to have a BLUSH with SPF? As a cosmetic chemist know, adding SPF’s to products just adding more testing time and cost and it may impact the color pay off. However, don’t despair, here’s a beauty hack:  Put a thin layer of SPF 30-50 over your blush. This way you blend in the blush more naturally with a natural glow and it also serves as a double insurance to prevent sun spots

Blemishes- We all have it no matter the age. As a cosmetic chemist, our job is to improve delivery of actives so skin care products can work FAST. However, there is a fine line between a cosmetic and drug thus all the acne treatments are classified as OTC (Over the Counter Drug).  Personally, I keep a tube of Clean & Clear Acne Spot Treatment wit me at all times. Whenever I feel a zit may be coming out, I kill it before it happens with this product.  Why this works because it is a  2% salicylic treatment without drying out the skin. Salicilic acid has the ability to go down deeper to the skin layer (thus it’s regulated). Here’s my beauty hack:  if you apply a thin layer of a 2% salicylic acid product before your anti-aging treatment, it works faster.  

Foaming Facial- With the trend of sulfate-free products, most of the facial cleansers just do not foam enough. Granted foam is not an indication of cleansing but it certainly elevates the user experience.  Just like you use a tooth brush with toothpaste, if you use a mesh with a soap or facial cleanser, you just get so much more fun besides the mesh helps to exfoliate the skin. Think of it as you always need a shower sponge to go with your shower gel. I like my facial cleanser foamy, do you?


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My New Beauty Pick

Hello there! It’s been a long time! I am BUSY. Everyone is busy. We all have the same 24 hours in the day so how do we make the most of it?!

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Go now and let me know what you think :-).



You Want Your Own Beauty Brand?

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Nine Cosmetic Technology Trends From Asia-2017 + A Valentine Special :-)

As silicone valley is the technology hub. Asia is the beauty hub. I just came back from several major trade shows in Asia and pleased to inform what’s happening in the world of BEAUTY:

  • Freeze-Dry technology! The latest trend is to freeze dry your lotion or cream into balls for ease of travelling. When you use, just add water! Cool, right?
  • Peel-Off technology! Peel off brow tint, peel off lip tint, peel off mask.Anything peel-off is IN. Why? Peel off products in color have staining power and in skin, you can expect extra clarification benefits.
  • Fermented technology! This is a Korean driven trend which the belief is when ingredients are fermented, they work better for penetration.
  • Water technology! People no longer just want to use water for cosmetics. They want coconut water, bamboo water, apple water, and quartz water! These provides additional nutrient boost for your regular skin essence.
  • Foams. Foams. More Foams! Sensory is a big key in modern cosmetics. Cleansers with dense stable foam are seen every where in Japan. The product by Kao-Elvira Beauty whip soap is such an art foam as you dispense the product- you pump out the shape of  rose!
  • Skin Whitening! Most of the skin brightening products take time to see results.There are products using titanium dioxide, the white pigments to give the instant skin whitening effect. The most advanced ones actually use encapsulated titanium dioxide and sparsely spreading in the cream to achieve a natural insta-bright look.
  • Double Eyelid Glue! Asians have been longing for the super big-eyed look. When you have double-folds on the lid, your eyes just look bigger and more alert. The first eyelid glue I personally have used and loved was from Kiss Me. However, there are eyelid glue mask now you can sleep with it and wake up with double eyelids!
  • Hand-held LED lights! DIY spa-inspired treatment for firmer and more lifted skin. As a cosmetic chemist, I usually do not like to rely on devices as it takes the fun out of product development. But since the size of this device is as small as a palm- I bought one and have been religiously using it since Feb 01! I will keep you posted on progress.
  • Compressed Mask! Yes, masks are still hot. There are now compressed mask which you can just add your own essence and it spreads out like a sheet mask.

As you read this, have you seen the common thread? All new developments are aiming at easy on-the-go (freeze dried/ compressed mask), at home treatment (hand-held device, double eyelid treatment),  longer lasting results (peel off products/fermented ingredients) and instant gratification (insta-bright/high dense foam).

These trends actually are screaming at one of my formulated product-Grand Central Beauty S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting mask! It’s an easy on the go , at home spa peel off mask with long lasting results and instant SMART (smooth, moisturizing, anti-aging, redness-reducing, toning) benefits! Oh, that feels pretty good to be ahead of curve :-).

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xo, Ginger

New Master’s Degree For Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneuers

The Rutgers Business School Master of Science In Business of Fashion is  new program bridging the gap between creative passion and business acumen. I am honored to be teaching the special topics classes by bringing industry elites to help shaping our next generations of leaders.

If you are interested to sharing your industry experience, I’d love to talk to you for Spring 2017 (limited space), Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

If you are interested in enrolling this master’s degree program, please reach out admissions directly at Rutgers Business School. Deadline for Spring 2017 is Jan 2, 2017.


Key Drivers To Eternal Beauty

As a cosmetic chemist, I am constantly on the look out for the latest innovation in ingredients for the pursuit of eternal beauty. What constitutes to eternal beauty- there must be some clinical evidence or folklore history that proves the efficacy.

Here are some notable ingredients that recently excited me and offered through Toyota-Tsusho America Inc.  (T.A.I.) . Yes, the Toyota as the famous car maker, they have a cosmetic ingredients division along with many others such as textile, food, diagnostic division just to name a few.

Are you ready for some breakthrough in anti-aging? Read on!

  • Sialic acid– Sialic acid is the key component found in Asian delicacy Bird’s nest. Asian women have been eating this delicacy (from bird’s saliva) for centuries due to its folklore belief for better health, skin brightening and improved complexion. There are bird nest extract available on the market however, it is only 1% active. The sialic acid offered through T.A.I. is obtained via biofermentation of yeast so it is a natural identical. There is clinical proof to show at 0.5% dosage, it gives skin brightening effect and at 1% dramatic wrinkle reduction is achievable.  This is a WOW!
  • Kahai oil– This non-greasy, super luxurious oil has proven to be better than Argan oil with 50% more vitamin E content and 3 times more vitamin A than Rosehip oil.  A clinical is done to show 45% of wrinkle reduction in 4 weeks. This oil is ecocert natural and cosmos approved. You can use it on your salad if you like. I have made extreme pampering face creams and super moisturizing lip glosses with this oil. The results are simply MARVELOUS!
  • Hydro Balu– Seriously the most legendary anti-aging story I have EVER heard.  Most of the people know that Okinawa island in Japan is known for people living over 100 years old. However, this Hydro Balu from Colombia trumps anything and everything you have EVER heard. This giant Edamame like Colombian bean harvested in San Bernado island, not only gives people the average lifespan of over 100 years old, but after the people die, they MUMMIFIED naturally without preservation or treatment. There is a museum documented the natural mummification is due to this Balu bean for natural preservation of skin and hair. This is the ULTIMATE anti-ager one can possibly find! This is EPIC!

For more information or sample, you can contact cosmetics@taiamerica.com

What are some of your most favorite eternal beauty anti-aging ingredients?

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Making Of Lipsticks In Japan

Yes, I have made lipsticks. No, I have never made lipsticks the way I did in Japan or have analyzed lipsticks the way I did in Japan.

In USA, making lipsticks in most of the cases are simply blending of waxes, pigments, melt, pour into mold, chill, case it, heat gun over. done. What I did in Japan is something else.


Japanese tend to be very meticulous in everything they do. The product I was making is a new wax-free clear lipstick which I weighted out everything and melt. But before I poured into the mold- the Japanese chemist actually “warmed up” the mold first to prevent “temperature difference” during pouring which can results in uneven stick structure and cause some pigment droplets to kick out. In theory, this makes perfect sense; however, it is not that practical in actual production for scale up.

Prior to pouring the pigmented mixture to the mold, the mixture was put under vacuum suction for two minutes to ensure there was no aeration during mixing. This step is also attention to detail which I have never done it in USA. Usually when the temperature is high enough, air bubbles do not usually get trapped in the mixture. With this vacuum step, it is a double insurance.

Moreover, the mold was cleaned and applied a drop each of ester to ensure easier release of the lipstick bullet when the product is harden. Oddly enough, no chilling table was used to hasten the cooling process for the same reason- ensure product uniformity. In USA, our fast food culture, we would send off the mold to chill quickly so we can go to the next steps.

Once the product is set, the bullets are inserted into the lipstick case waiting to be flamed. Prior to this step, some lipstick bullets are cut off the top layer with a fishnet string if it goes into a supported slim line case. In USA, we do not use open fire in the lab. The most we do is using a heating gun to lightly warm up the surface to ensure the product looks shiny and smooth without nicks or scratched. In Japan, they actually used alcohol lamp for flaming and you have to do it very quickly to avoid fingers being burned.

The lipsticks are then checked for bending strength (to make sure it will not break when you apply with force on your lips), friction (to ensure the product will go on your lips smoothly), and hardness (to ensure it will not melt in disaster under high temperature especially if you left in the car). In USA, we do these tests more from sensory points of view but in Japan, they have an instrument for every analysis!


I made four batches of lipsticks- two with the new clear stick technology and two with the traditional lipstick. What kind of lipsticks do you prefer?


There are difference in making products in USA and in Asia. Neither one is better than the other. We ought to appreciate the thoroughness of other culture and also always think how we can translate what we learn in scale up environment and ensure quality.